How to accept payments from any L1 and L2 blockchains in a crypto game or NFT marketplace

More and more projects, when choosing a blockchain for infrastructure, give the choice of Polygon or Solana due to the low cost of transactions.
Nevertheless, the majority of users continue to use Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain as the main storehouse of their funds.

In this connection, GameFi and NFT projects are faced with a big problem that the UX of payment turns into a cycle of hell. You have to explain to customers what they need:
- Or buy tokens on the exchange
- Or use cross-chain bridges
And also, if necessary, use DEX to exchange a token into a game token. solved this problem.

Projects such as or have already integrated the payment infrastructure and accept payments in tokens of several networks, even though game contracts are deployed on the Polygon network.

WeBill supports many networks and manages liquidity itself, which allows you to accept payments, for example, in ETH or USDT on the Ethereum network, and send NFTs on the Polygon network.

Integration takes just a few minutes.
All you need to connect is a picture of a product, a contact address, and a link to the success page.

You will receive a link that can be inserted into the payment button on the site or in the game. The payment page is mobile-friendly and intuitive for any DeFi user.

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