Multi-chain Web3 infrastructure for play-to-earn games developed with Unity

Web3 infrastructure for Unity
Web3 infrastructure for Unity develops infrastructure for GameFi and play-to-earn games.

Using our API, you can solve such tasks as:
- Topping up of the in-game balance in any token
- NFT sales and minting
- NFT or in-game token transactions for rewards
- Withdrawal of tokens to players
- Acceptance of crypto-subscriptions for premium game accounts

The infrastructure supports payments in networks such as:
- Ethereum Mainnet
- Ethereum Rinkeby
- Binance Smart Chain
- Polygon Network
- Solana
- Avalanche
- Fantom
- Arbitrum One
- Optimism

Important: using the Via Protocol infrastructure for game, your project will support not 1 of 3 networks, but all 3 networks at the same time!

Contact us:
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Selling and minting NFT

Our infrastructure allows us to accept payments for NTF published on the Polygon network for ETH, USDC, or any other token in supported networks, which significantly increases the convenience for players.

What it looks like to buy in-game NTF without using our infrastructure:

How does the purchase of in-game NTF look like using our infrastructure:

Acceptance of crypto-subscriptions for premium game accounts

Crypto subscriptions with
Crypto subscriptions with Via Protocol

Subscriptions are the most stable way to accept payments for games today. You know in advance how much money you will receive next month and can calculate your expenses.

The 10 most profitable games of 2020 have a subscription among the monetization methods.

Your players can pay for a subscription in any token, or for example in your in-game token.



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